Present, with one eye on the future.

Present, with one eye on the future.

Serendipity. That’s the word. And a happy accident is exactly what losing my spectacle lens was.

You have probably suspected that I have had a screw loose for quite some time and, a couple of months ago, this turned out to be an accurate prophecy when the screw dropped out of the right hand side of my glasses. Of course, the lens fell out and, search as hard as I could, I could not find the screw to refit it. Being a resourceful sort, I found some thread, tied it through the screw holes to pull the frame back together and that held the lens in place.

That temporary fix was only intended to last until I could get to the optitian for a permanent repair. Then one night, I got into the car to drive home, took my glasses out of my pocket and found that the lens was missing.

Oh flump! I had no choice but to drive home in the dark with just one lens. At first it was awkward. My eye sight is not very bad, I can pass the car number plate test in daylight for instance, but when it gets dark I find my astigmatism causes all sorts of problems and any bright headlight becomes a distracting, streaky star.

I set off fairly slowly thinking it was going to be a disaster. However, it didn’t take long for my brain to compensate for the lost lens and very soon I found that I was driving without an issue. In fact, if anything, it was better than normal. My left eye, with the aid of a lens, gave me good distance vision while my right eye allowed me to read the close up stuff such as the sat nav and cockpit dials, more clearly than if I had both lenses in.

It has become something of an allegory for this time of year. At the begining of the year there are exciting opportunities ahead and with my lensed eye I can see those distant goals. I will sell more Photography, I will lose weight, I will be successful, you know the type of thing. While my naked eye concerntrates on what is directly in front of me, up close and personal. The overdraft still needs to be reduced, the brakes on the car need fixing for its MOT and the Christmas cheesecake is still in the fridge and it won’t eat itself!

I keep those glasses in the car as my driving set. They are a definite bonus plus they remind me to be in the present with one eye focused on the future. Now, where’s that cheesecake? The diet starts on monday (again).

Spectacles woth one lens missing

Happy New year…. again.

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