Like a day at Trent Bridge, Rain stops play.

Well that’s a shame and it seems appropriate as I’m in Scotland that the I let Robert Burns himself say: “The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men / Gang aft a-gley.”

Yesterday I planned to leave today’s photography session until later in the day. It seemed to make sense to allow the sun to move around to the west and be lower in the sky. This would cause the contours of the hills and mountains to stand out. Accordingly, the weather this morning was beautiful and as I took Pip for a nice long walk to Furnace I marveled at the loch and looked forward to the afternoon. It was all looking great until the rain started !

Ah well, the best laid plans …..

And so today is a wash out although looking over the loch now there is low cloud forming which bodes well for tomorrow. I think an early morning time lapse as the cloud burns off may be in order …

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