How did you get on with the Rock?

If you remember from yesterday’s thrilling installment, I have set myself a challenge to capture an image that I can print and hang in my wall .

The subject is a receding set of mountains with a rock in the foreground.

Well, I didn’t get up as early as perhaps I should have but this may have been a blessing in disguise. Had I been up early the tide would have been in which would have made moving around the rock tricky plus, the sun would still have been in the east which would have spoiled the photo.

As it was, the light was a bit off so I didn’t capture anything special but at least I had a chance to test a few different compositions. I started with the camera on a low tripod, close to the rock and facing towards a valley in the mountains.

It wasn’t really what I am looking for. It was hard to work out what the main subject was meant to be. Ultimately it gave me an interesting sky but no real impression of the mountains. The rock featured well but it is not supposed the be the main subject. Just a supporting role.

I tinkered around for a little while longer before deciding to call a halt and resolved to try again in the afternoon when the sun would be further to the west and lower in the sky.

The afternoon attempt was not much better at first. I set up in roughly the same place and repeated the shot. The sun was still quite high and the sky was less cloudy. The image was better in as much as the mountains are now clearly visible as the light was creating better differentiation between the mountains at different distances. But the rock still seems to be too prominent.

I decided to move ahead of the rock and try a slightly higher view point. After all my knees were hurting from all that crouching.

This was better I think. The extra water in the image gave the picture a better sense of scale and the rocky beach did a good job of providing some foreground interest.

I then moved slightly closer to the water’s edge and to the left to include some tall grass. Now that does give more depth to the scene and with a slight crop it is starting to look how I had imagined.

I’m still not convinced that will be the final image but I am happy with the improvement from yesterday.

For tomorrow I think I will leave it until later in the day before having my next attempt. Then perhaps a bit of post production might come into play. I would like to get the image as right as possible in the camera and then do a bit of cropping and may be a bit if sharpening in Affinity photo just to smarten things up.

And Pip? Oh yes, she had a lovely time.

Good bye rock. It was real. Not real good, but it was certainly real.

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